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Thanks to the work of sportswriters like Chuck Stark and Terry Mosher, the accomplishments of Elton Good-win and the South Kitsap Baseball program are forever available for you to re-live. After the first couple dec-ades it would’ve been easy to simply say ‘Goodwin Wins Again’; but for thirty yours their headlines and sto-ries on him were filled with as much passion as he himself carried.

In 2009, legendary sports-authors Art Thiel, Mike Gastineau, and Steve Rudman published ‘The Great Book of Seattle Sports Lists’ which lists a collection of all time ‘top-10’ lists of Seattle, and Washington State athletics. On page 74 of this book is the list for “Greatest High School Coaches in Washington State History”, and Elton Goodwin is recognized as “The Greatest High School Baseball Coach in Washington State history”. With near-ly 500 wins, 19 League Titles, and 3 State Championships, as staggering as Elton’s ‘box-score’ is, none of the-se stats are the best in WA history; and this honor was bestowed more for the immeasurable impact he had on children’s lives in our community, and statewide.

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Touching Lives...

He just doesn't know what 'give up' means. He's the most persistent human being I've ever met.

Don Smith (Assistant Coach)

As seasons come to pass, never will we forget the (now iconic) sayings that emanated from the 3rd base coaches box. Timeless words of encouragement such as "TRACK IT", "SEE THE V", and "NUT IT UP" will forever be etched in the minds of our young boys, whom he molded to men.

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Countless photographs exist of Elton on the baseball diamond, and we feel it equally important to share some memories of his personal life. An avid outdoorsman Elton was just as comfortable in the woods or on a boat, as he was the baseball field or the classroom; and layed siege to salmon, halibut, and ducks with the same fervor as an opposing pitcher. Whether these memories occurred on, or off the field we feel blessed to share these with you; his fans, his friends, and his family.

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