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This Foundation was founded with the community in mind, and we welcome your feedback in all we do. Should you have any questions regarding our activities or scholarship opportunities, feel free to send us a note below, or email us (HERE) and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Mailing address:
Elton Goodwin Foundation and Memorial Scholarship Fund
8951 Bethel Burley Rd SE
Port Orchard, WA. 98367

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Touching Lives...

Never give up even when everything is against you, and no one thinks you can do it.

"Coach" Elton Goodwin

Board of Directors:  ________Board of Advisors: 
Arlond Goodwin- President  ________Don Smith 
Billy Goodwin- Vice President  ________Ernie Hahn 
Sharon Goodwin- Secretary  ________Wayne Gibson 
Jeff Goodwin  ________Dan Wolfe 
Joel Goodwin  ________Marcus Logue 
Cully Ecklund  ________Dustin Booth 
Eric Canton  ________
David Rill   
Kevin Darcey   
Ron Ness   
Chuck Stark   

Note from the Family:

The Goodwin Family would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for not only the condolences we have received, but for the support we have been shown in making Elton’s Foundation a reality. In a very short time we have made great strides towards several of our goals, and that would not be possible without the collective efforts of many. There are some people however whose amazing efforts and sacrifices bare individual recognition for their tireless commitment to Elton’s legacy.

Rick & Karen Gehring - Like Elton, very few have given as much to the youth of this community as you, and your family. Your support of this high school, this Foundation, and of Elton is without equal, and we are forever grateful for your sacrifices.

Cully & Tracy Ecklund - From nearly the moment Elton closed his eyes, you have been at this family’s side. Your efforts through social media brought this town together as it reeled from loss, and you provided a guiding compass when we needed it most. Your fundraising efforts were almost single handedly responsible for funding our first years scholarships, and Tanner and Kathy thank you along with us.

Mark & David Rill - As former players, coaches, and close friends of Elton’s we know this news hit you as hard as anyone. You have been a rock for this family in recent years, and in the wake of this tragedy you came through as you always have; with a grace and composure that has once again provided us with a beacon of light in our darkest hour. Our family’s thanks to you can never be truly put to words.

Chuck Stark & Terry Mosher - Through your words the world came to know of the great Elton Goodwin. After so many years it would’ve been easy to simply say “Goodwin Wins Again”, but for decades your headlines and stories were always as filled with as much passion as he himself carried. Your coverage of his accomplishments has been paramount in the preservation of his legacy.

Kitsap Athletic Roundtable (KAR) Simply put, this Foundation would not be where it is today without the support and contributions of your organization. Through your auction efforts alone we are positioned to provide scholarship opportunities well into the next decade. The Family, the Foundation, and the children of our community are forever indebted to you.

Eric Canton, Dustin Booth, Marcus Logue, & SKHS Staff - As former players, coaches, and peers you had the honor of being around Elton more than most; and to whom he felt an infinite bond. Many of the goals we have accomplished so far can be directly traced to your efforts, and would not have gained momentum without your passionate commitment to his legacy.

We would also like to quickly thank our business partners who have made this Foundation possible.

Todd Buskirk - Buskirk Law, PLLC

Larry Grohn - Kitsap Bank

Chris Beckham - Southard, Beckham, Atwater & Berry, CPA's

Andrew Betzing - Kitsap Networking Services, Inc

Dustin Booth - Website Maintenance